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Pharma Franchise In Mumbai – Mumbai is one of the richest and second most populous city in India. It is the financial capital of the country which generated around 6.16% of the total GDP. So, it would be a smart move to start a business in Mumbai.

Pharma Franchise In Mumbai

A Chandigarh based pharma company – Chemross Lifesciences is offering pharma franchise in Mumbai. Investing in a pharma sector is very profitable because this sector is booming rapidly from past few years in India. You will never see a downturn in pharma industry because manufacturing of medicines or pharma products will never get affected even in economic recession.

But before investing, you must thoroughly research about this industry and the company you are about to invest in. Reputation and reliability are the foremost important factor while choosing a company.

At Chemross Lifesciences, you will get pharma franchise in Mumbai at monopoly basis means no competition in the market. We have 150+ products with 15k+ clients. We have 10+ years of experience in pharma business and we are working in nearly 250+ cities.

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Benefits of Getting A Pharma Franchise In Mumbai

There are number of people who are investing in pharma company because it has many benefits.

First, low investment: Unlike other business, getting a pharma franchise is very easy because it requires very low investment initially. So, if you don’t have enough money, getting a pharma franchise is a better option for you. Because of low investment, risk involved is also very low.

Complete Monopoly Rights: Chemross Lifesciences is providing pharma franchise in Mumbai at monopoly rights. You would be the sole proprietor of the franchise at your district. No other person can get the franchise in you district. You can take the advantage of this and earn a lucrative income in very short time.

No Monthly Targets: Other franchise business requires you to meet the monthly target, but pharma franchise doesn’t require any particular sale target. So, there is no work pressure.

But success need a little hard work. You need to be focused to get the desired result in short span of time.

Choose the Best Pharma Franchise Provider – Chemross Lifesciences

You may be thinking, how to choose the best pharma franchise provider? Read on..

You must check out the company’s product range. If they have wide product range, then it is good for you. Also, check if the products made are of high-quality or not. You may ask for the samples from the company and examine the minor details.

A reputed company always respond to the franchise partner in timely manner. Customer support service is the way to check company’s credibility. Chemross Lifesciences have a team of professional who will answer your query. You will also be provided by the marketing support.

Our products are GMP certified. It is a system which ensures that the pharma products are made according to quality and made consistently. Our products will never get out of stock because we care about the manufacturing and safety of pharma products. Now, you may get the idea about the reliability of Chemross Lifesciences.

Investment and Documents Required To Start a Pharma Franchise In Mumbai

Investment to start a pharma franchise varies from company to company and also according to the state in which you are planning to start your business. You can contact Chemross Lifesciences to know about the investment required to start a pharma franchise in Mumbai.

You may give us a call at +91-8968331262, +91-9896852200 or mail us at

There are 2 main documents that is required. First is Drug License that is allotted by Drug Control department of Mumbai State. Second Important Document to submit is TIN No. allotted by Commercial tax department of Mumbai State. Rest all the information will be provided to you when you start working with Chemross Lifesciences.

Pharma business is surely going to help you in the success of your career. You need to put a little hard work and you will definitely get positive result in very short time.

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Phone – +91 9875926848, +91 9896852200

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